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Android Wear 2 expected early 2017

Posted on: Σεπ 30, 2016 | Author: Kostas Matsoukas | Categories: Technology, Gadgets

Change of plans for Google to bring the new version of Android Wear 2 in a few months.

Android Wear 2 expected early 2017

If you are from those who waited to see this year the Android Wear 2 and anxious, you will probably be disappointed and you will need to review your plans, as Google announced that the new version of the software for the first wearables smartwatches expected early 2017.

Google Android Wear 2

Until then there will be a preview version, which will present some of the features that we will see in the final. The Developer Preview 3 is the first to include Google Play Store, so users can download apps directly on the clock instead of the queue to make smartphone.

The online store will include a wide range of compatible applications for direct download to the device itself and as shown we have already entered the path of complete independence of wearables from our smartphones.

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